We all want more customers, higher conversions from our promotional campaigns and increases sales don't we?

But in today's over crowded and saturated market place how do you achieve that without breaking the bank?
If you ask any top level business owner, they will tell you "copy writing that converts to customers" is the most important, yet overlooked tool in their business arsenal.
Strong copy is not simply about finding the right words to describe your business - after all, any good writer can do that - it connects with people's desires, presses the right buttons in your customers, and builds a bridge between what you offer and an increasingly distracted, distrustful and hard to reach market.



You may not have been aware of this before, but every piece of content you put out there...

Your website, opt-in forms, articles, social media profiles, tweets and Facebook posts, testimonials, reviews, e-mails, newsletters, book titles and covers, speaker profiles...
and of course your a sales pages, and video scripts...
...is ALL sales copy!
And when it's done right, it sparks real interest in your offers, ignites curiosity, fuels desire, dissolves doubt ...and fires people up to take action.
It even keeps your customers smiling long after they have put thier credit card back in thier wallet.

But here's the problem...

Most people cringe at the thought of writing sales copy - they recoil from it -  and just the idea of trying to sell something with words can bring even the most experienced writers out in a cold sweat....
The sight of a blank sales page spins them out and stutters thier mind to a complete STOP, and the more they try the harder it gets!
Well I solve that problem for you

The truth is....

It takes a special type of writer with the know-how to convert a casual browser into a loyal and satisfied customer (and brand evangelist) for life.
If you want your skills, services, products and offers to rise above the noise and get noticed by the right people at the right time, to increase your bottom line...
I will help you with every type of writing you need - across all aspects of your business communications, from authority building to launching your products and beyond - and ensure you get a solid, meaningful and lasting connection with your audience that grows your business and builds your bottom line.



  • Website Content

    I write web copy that informs your customers and showcases your business and sells your services. I enjoy doing rewrites and work on sites with between 5 and 50 pages.

  • Landing Pages and Web Sales Letters

    Where do you send traffic when you do a sales campaign? Landing Pages are designed to entice your customer to take an action that delivers you the result you're looking for. For example their contact details. They are generally used to promote an irresistible offer, get sign ups for workshops, demonstrations and any other content that helps you build a relationship between them and your company. They do not work in isolation and are generally part of a sales funnel.

  • Sales Funnels

    A sales funnel is a marketing system which usually starts with a potential customer receiving an email where they click a link that takes them to a landing page and an irresistible offer. The sales process is divided into several steps from initial sale through to up sales and cross sales. Depending on the particular sales model, each page builds on the previous step and requires a separate page and email. This is one of the best ways to increase your revenue as it allows for multiple sales from one transaction.

  • Search Engine Optimized Website Content

    Everyone wants their site to show up in Google when people type in their keywords. I write Google approved search engine copy that helps the search bots to categorize your site and its pages for the highest search return possible. I'll also optimize the hidden text that no one but the search bots read.

  • E-Commerce Sites

    Every product needs a great description to differentiate it from your competitors products. I specialize in product descriptions for Amazon, Ebay and your own E-Commerce websites

  • E-Mail Mailshots

    Got a customer list? Need to keep you customers happy, well informed and prime to buying your latest offering? I write strong high converting email subject lines and matching content that drives and increases your sales from existing customers as part of a properly targeted email campaign. (If you don't have a current customer list please contact me to ask me about my list building email campaigns)

  • Social Media Advertising

    If you are not using Facebook and Twitter ads to build your business you're missing our big time. To get a good return on your advertising investment it is important that you work with an experienced Social Media Ad expert who can guarantee you the lowest price per click and the highest return on your sales message.

  • Web Video Scripts

    Everyone knows that video is a high converting sales tool. But video alone will not sell your product if the message is flaccid and lame. A well constructed sales message that identifies a clients need, answers their questions and promises to deliver what they want quickly and easily is always the way to go. Check out some of my examples

  • Press Releases

    You have to take action to get noticed by the media. I have a proven, reliable formula for getting you, and your business increased credibility and more qualified prospects, through my high visibility press releases writing and distribution services.

  • Blog Posts, Social Media Page Posts and Tweets

    I work with you to create content marketing plans to fulfill your business, authority marketing and sales objectives. Once the plan is complete I can help you to outsource this task if you feel unable to manage consistent content creation on your own behalf.

  • Speaker Bios & Flyers

    Every budding or experienced speaker needs to showcase their area of expertise before they get hired. I write flattering and engaging Speaker Bios and Print Flyers that highlight your best skills and give event organizers the opportunity to get to know you and what you can bring to their audience before they even meet you in person... Expect the phone to ring.

  • Social Media Profiles

    When was the last time you checked someone out on Google? What usually shows up first are their social media profiles. Do your profiles give an instant and consistent good impression? I help you to refine your message so it speaks directly to your target audience so they want to connect and get to know you better. Whether it is through 140 character Twitter bio or a 1000 word Google+ story line you can expect clear concise compelling copy that builds your reputation, increases your authority and builds a targets fan and follower base quick and easy.

  • Webinar and Hangouts Scripts

The foundation of a successful campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. Each of my services can be used separately depending on your needs and targets.